Note for my one and only love.


Cehh tajuk menyampah je tengok. 180311, cukup 6 bulan bersama. Ahh kalau nak dikira couple dpd form 3 dulu dah berapa tahun da kan. Tapi taknak ah. Tu masa bebudak hingus hijau hjau lagi. Break 2 tahun lebih lepas tu baru together gather balik. So, 6 bulan pun dah cukup bagi aku. Okay, taknak cakap banyak sb notes yg aku tulis utk Feng kali ni boleh tahan mcm essay SPM lah jugak panjangnya.

Nah, present to you..

Feng, I am writing this because today is our 6 month annivessary. Before you read this essay, essay huh? Yeahh essay because I told you that I was busy doing my assignment but actually I was so so busy preparing this special note for you syg. Oh, the thing that you should before you read this note is you have to turn on the our song 'Your Guardian Angel' and then you can read this sambil tersengih-sengih. Haha.

Dear my love,
You're such a wonderful gift. A precious gift. A gift to keep, a gift to care and a gift to love now and forever. Tell me how can I let go of someone very special? Never! Because you are the one who will always love me just the way I am sayang. I am so thankful and so very happy that I have found my destiny in you. You are my happiness, a very special blessing God has given to me.

I'm missing you so badly. If I think about the future, just you and me together. I find myself smiling, for I know it will happen soon. I love you my darling. No matter how far, no mater how long the waiting may be. I will love you more and more each day. Though distance between us kept us apart but I know it's only in body but never in heart. If I have one thing to thank right now, that's when you came into my life.

Dear Feng my darling,
You stayed with me all the time, when most of the time I failed to show how much you mean to me. We have gone through many hard times together. We have been through the difficulties of our relationship and we even came to a point of losing each other 3 years ago. I have hurt you not just once, but many times. You were never tired of loving me. You have been through a lot because of me and I just cannot afford to make a mess out of my life once again because I don't want to see you get hurt anymore. Your love for me from the beginning has never changed until now and your love for me is one of a kind and you deserve the same kind of love. I have loved you so much but now I am sure, I love you even more :')

Now look at the two of us, we are still here and getting stronger as time goes by. We are enjoying each other's company and making each day special by showing our love and care in a very special way. I am very thankful because we have grown so much. We have become more mature in handling our faults and our shortcomings. It would have been greatest mistake if I did let you go and let go of our love. I promise to love you more each day.

You say I'm perfect and that you're the luckiest guy in the world, but you don't see what I see when I look at you. To me, you make me feel so, so lucky for having you in my life again. You are so unbelievably perfect. And you are the perfect boyfriend, friend, person, human being in the world. Sayang, you are the key to my heart, my other half, my soul mate, my bestfriend, my life and you have my whole heart sayang.

I love you for being my sweetheart, my partner and my friend.

I love you today and forever for the caring and joy that you share without end.

I love you today and forever for the warm tender touch and the thing that you do.

For the way that you filling my world with your love today, tomorrow and forever. I'll never stop loving you.

*I love you so much and will always love untuil forever. That's a promise that Ill surely going to keep forever in my heart.


p/s : We have been friend for almost 9 years.
p/s/s : You have been to be my boyfriend for almost 14 months.
p/s/s/s : Sorry for the grammatical error. Thank you :)



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